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I'm sure many of you have received pings about this in other servers, however I wanted to post here to ensure this reaches the most people.

The main manager of PolyMC has effectively gone rogue, removing write access for contributors. This could possibly lead to some unwanted things. You should uninstall PolyMC IMMEDIATELY if you are using it. GDLauncher is a fantastic alternative..


Reminder for game night tonight at 9:00 pm est

Hey Everyone game night is back we will be playing games like brawllahalla, gartic phone, etc I really hope you can make it. discord://discord.com/sGuPDUXj?event=1027736658558328945

Our All the Mods 7 - To the Sky server has been opened!


Visit the #atm7-general channel for general conversation about the modpack
Visit the #atm7-in-game channel for in-game chat
For tips/tricks and any discussion base-building visit the #atm7-tips-tricks channel

Remember to visit the #get-roles channel to view the channels!

Be sure to check the #atm7-info channel and read all information in game!

A player Market is available and functional, however it is still being improved upon visually.

The poll for the next modpack has been decided, the winner is All the Mods 7 - To the Sky!

We plan to have this server up and running as soon as possible.